Getting warmer now – Japan by Bike Pt. 9

Still traumatised from my night of horrors I grudgingly hopped out of the bed.  The plan for today was to avoid Tokyo by catching a Ferry across the bay underneath.  My trip from Sendai down the coast pretty much followed this map –

The route down the coast.

The route down the coast.

As I’ve said before the coastal roads were congested and didn’t really have much to them, if I had my time again I would have probably headed inland a bit.  Although I have to remember the reason for heading to the coast to begin with.

While riding along a nondescript road through an area with a logging industry I happened to look to my right as I crossed a bridge and discovered one of the nicest views I’ve ever seen.  I promptly slung a u-turn and came back to take the picture –

I could have so easily just missed this beautiful scene.

Look at the view when you cross a bridge!

I found the ferry port without issue and waved goodbye to the east of Japan, I was looking to head straight for Mt. Fuji when I got to the other side and I was itching for the mountains again.  Hopefully this time being a little warmer.



Some of the sights on the way.

Some of the sights on the way.

I'd be hoping my bike wasn't smoking.

I’d be hoping my bike wasn’t smoking.

Across the other side it was dark already, I headed into Kanagawa hoping to find some grass as usual.  Kanagawa is still pretty much Tokyo, so not much luck there.  I was desperate and started heading down residential streets, just crossing my fingers, hoping that something would pop up.

Something did!  I found a vacant lot in what looked to be a quite ritzy area.  I think it was at this point that I started not caring where I camped and figuring it’s not the worst for people to laugh at me in the morning.  Maybe I’d be bringing a bit of joy into their mornings, or maybe they’d be irate that a lone Australian motorcycle bum has invaded their neighbourhood.

I guess I’d find out in the morning..

4 thoughts on “Getting warmer now – Japan by Bike Pt. 9

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  2. Yeah….I told you heading south would be better. LOL!

    So where did you pitch that lovely tent? Was it in somebody’s garden this time? BTW, hmm….may I ask….how did you erm…answer the call of nature? Sorry for asking….I just had to know. 😛

    Thanks for your reply on the FZ6. It sounds like a lovely bike. Did you do some aggressive cornering while in the mountains? Hope that you didn’t do any of that in the wet, snow and ice. How was it?

    I’ll be heading for a trip up north into Malaysia and revisiting Cameron Highlands with my wife. This time, the bike is ready and hopefully my body won’t be battered by the bike (suspension is still set up firmer). Will put up a post once we return, so stay tuned!

  3. Have some patience, I’m trying to stick to a morning to night schedule. No picture until morning (Pt. 10).

    Let’s just say a lot of the pictures have convenient spot to relieve myself as well. Other than that I made fair use of the abundant network of 7/11s in the country. Instead of sandwiches they had really nice Squid, rice and seaweed salad meals. Pretty damn cheap as well.

    Toward the end of the trip I started getting really confident with the bike, I was scraping the pegs multiple times a day. The real nicely paved wide flowing roads were quite rare though.

    Look forward to seeing your adventure, I haven’t done Malaysia so hopefully you can get me excited for a trip there 😀

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