Autumn Splendour – Japan by Bike Pt. 14



No problems again from my rather ambitious camping spot.  I even had time to procrastinate and try and perfect a Facebook pout, initially I was trying for a MySpace emo picture but I just couldn’t pull it off.

I am Fabio, the most beautiful man in the Cosmos.

I am Fabio, the most beautiful man in the Cosmos.

Not bad for 7am and almost a week without a shower.  If you’re wondering about hygiene my grooming consisted of showering with wet wipes, it actually worked pretty well but I guess you struggle to smell yourself 😛

The whole reason I came to Kanazawa was for the Kenrokuen Gardens, famed across Japan as the prettiest gardens and renowned for their exceptional beauty during Autumn.  I may be on to a winner here.

Japan Day 16 11

This was the entrance.

Japan Day 16 15

A bit of movement.

Click on it to see a bit of movement.

Japan Day 16 23japan114Japan Day 16 31Japan Day 16 35japan115

I like to think of this as an Ent's foot.

I like to think of this as an Ent’s foot.

Japan Day 16 40Japan Day 16 45japan120japan121Japan Day 16 65Sorry for the over indulgence but it was quite a pretty place.  To juxtapose all this, upon leaving Kanazawa the land was quite bare and barren as Autumn was winding down.


The edge of the road.

The edge of the road.

Japan Day 16 81From here I headed into the city of Osaka, back to the crazy traffic and lights of Neo Japan.  It was time to put my feet up, have a shower and have a conversation with someone using my words, not my charade skills.

4 thoughts on “Autumn Splendour – Japan by Bike Pt. 14

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  3. What a beautiful place. Worth the rainy ride. Thanks for a very straightforward and candid posts. For some reason I can’t stop reading, I read all parts of the Japan trip in one go. Sign of a good travel blog. Happy and safe travels to you.

  4. Wow. I read all of this Japan trip in one go also. This was amazing. The writing and photos go great together. If there was money in it, I would say you should have become a photo journalist, it’s clear to me you are born to be one. Great travel blog.

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